Analog Clock
Analog Clock
Analog Clock
Analog Clock

Analog Clock

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Back to the roots? The Analogue name defines the Analogue Clock by Hay. The Analogue clock with its analogue clockwork isn’t only a good change from the digital era but is also an aesthetic improvement for every wall.

The Shane Schneck designed wall clock plays with the dimensions. Not only regarding that of time, but above all of space, which takes on great importance in the Analogue Clock design:

The clock face is curved inwards, which gives the wall clock appearance an interesting plasticity and according to the viewing point leads to a play of shadows from the hands. The hands themselves are not only easy to read on the clock face but also due to the different colours for the hour and minute hands are clearly separated from each other. The white edition is enhanced with a gold-plated minute hand and the mint edition has a colourful accent because of the blue minute hand.

The Analogue wall clock by Hay is an iconic piece of clock design, which is almost reminiscent of a railway station clock because of its classic numbers on the clock face. The small details of the Analogue clock give a completely individual charm to the aluminium wall clock, which differentiates it from old-fashioned clock designs and also makes it contemporary in the digital age.

Diameter 10.75", 2.75 lbs.