Arc Poultry Shears
Arc Poultry Shears

Arc Poultry Shears

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The Messermeister 9" Italian Poultry Shears are made of high-quality, matte-finish, no-stain, inox steel. Perfect for cutting boned poultry without tearing the delicate meat. The lower blade is equipped with a bone cutting notch that will handle all poultry bones. The heavy weight blades and handles rotate on an industrial strength flush mounted nut that produces an exceptionally smooth cutting action. The blades lock in the closed position by a durable, secured full metal clasp for safety and convenient storage.

  • Ideal for cutting poultry bones.
  • Matte-finish, no-stain, inox steel
  • Heavy weight blades & handles
  • Bone cutting notch
  • Durable locking mechanism
  • 100% Messermeister quality
  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty
  • Made In Italy

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