Beta Inkless Spring Pen

Beta Inkless Spring Pen

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The Beta Inkless Pen features a unique metal tip is made of a patented AXL-METAL and will write notes forever. The shaft of the pen is available in anodized aluminum, which is lightweight and cool to the touch.

Product Details
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    5.5"L x 0.1"Diameter
  • OriginUnited States

— Original Inkless Pen
— Patented AXL-METAL Will Write Forever


What is an ink less pen?

The tip is made of a specially developed AXL-metal-alloy which will allow you to write for a lifetime on all types of paper.

Does this have lead? Where is it made?

The pen does not have lead. The Original brand is made in Germany.

What color does the pen write in?

It writes similar to the color of a pencil.

Is the tip exposed?

Yes, the tip is exposed.

Does it glide well over paper?

You are writing with a piece of hard metal. It does not glide as a rollerball pen would. It has some resistance but not too much to restrict writing with it.

Can you erase what you write?

No, the writing is permanent.

How does it write with no ink?

You are writing with a solid metal tip. Unlike graphite which is very soft, this is a dense metal similar to silverpoint which leaves traces of the metal on the paper.