Blue Steel Pan
Blue Steel Pan
Blue Steel Pan
Blue Steel Pan
Blue Steel Pan
Blue Steel Pan

Blue Steel Pan

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De Buyer La Lyonnaise 10.25" Blue Steel Fry Pan

La Lyonnaise line is made of 100% natural minerals, forged of blue steel
the pan is built to last. Due to its ability to conduct and distribute
heat evenly, La Lyonnaise is ideal for browning, simmering, and


  • Collection: La Lyonnaise Blue Steel
  • Style: Fry Pan / Skillet
  • Size: 10.25-inch
  • A slick carbon steel pan that seasons like cast iron with much less weight
  • French-made cookware ideal for searing, grilling and browning minced meat, less delicate fish, eggs, and more+
  • Natural nonstick properties once seasoned (Follow seasoning instructions included)
  • Deeper then traditional fry pans / skillets
  • 1-1.5mm thick blue steel construction heats up quickly and is great for caramelizing food juices
  • Gradual seasoning of non-coated cooking surface results in a naturally nonstick interior
  • Spot-welded iron handle with a curved French-style design for easy ergonomic handling
  • Lyonnaise profile enables food to easily slide onto a plate
  • Suitable for all stove tops including induction
  • Oven / broiler safe
  • Available in two sizes:
  • Diameter: 10.25" Cooking surface: 7.5" Depth: 2" Length: 18.2" (incl handle)
  • Diameter:  14'' cooking surface 10.6"  Depth: 2" 
  • Hand wash
  • Made in France

What is Blue Steel:
Bluing is a special surface-hardening treatment that makes carbon steel
more resistant to rust. During the process of oxidation, a thin layer
of blue-black iron oxide is formed on the surface, giving the steel
partial protection against rust and a beautiful blue-black appearance

The good news, it’s literally skin deep and over time, seasoning darkens the blue pan to black, just like cast iron.