Box Light
Box Light
Box Light

Box Light

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Just open it and let the light flood out.  Close it and let the shadows reign.

Jonas Hakaniemi's Box Light is a lamp hidden away in a box, to be drawn out and exposed.

A light adjusted with the touch of a hand. Forget about dimmers, this is as straightforward as interactive design can get. "Less is more is my motto. Just touch the light! Create your own light by sliding the lid."

Jonas has a past in the graphic design business in Finland, and has always been interested in the fusion of industrial design and handicraft.

Box Light was born in a workshop making a lamp by recycling a simple matchbox, a concept that now has evolved into a thorough sophistication, while still retaining the feel of eco-design and doing away with redundant technology.

Although Jonas graduated from the design school in Helsinki just last year, he has already earned an honorable mention from the Red Dot jury for his Box Light. "Scandinavian design is all about timelessness and good quality objects. It has inner spirit, not just outer shapes. I hope to do more furniture design in the future, and I hope to produce beautiful and easy-to-use objects that make everyday life easier.

Material : Aluminium box and white plastic

Dimensions : L 6" x W 4" x H 3.14"