Butcher Knife 8 “
Butcher Knife 8 “
Butcher Knife 8 “

Butcher Knife 8 “

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  • Perfect for cutting, sectioning, and trimming meat in restaurant kitchens and butcher shops
  • Pointed tip design makes separating skin from meat easy
  • Designed to easily cut through skin, cartilage, and small bones
  • Long length allows you to cut large pieces of meat
  • Reinforced, ergonomic nylon handle reduces the likelihood of accidental injury

This knife is great for general use trimming, cutting, and sectioning meat in butcher shops and restaurants. The knife's pointed tip design can be used to pierce and create deep cuts, which is especially helpful when preparing tougher cuts of meat. The reinforced, ergonomic nylon handle offers the best in safety and stability, providing a comfortable, firm grip that reduces the likelihood of injury and ensures control when tackling daily food preparation tasks.

Crafted from ice-hardened, high-carbon German stainless steel, this knife's blade is built strong to provide you with the ability to create smooth, accurate cuts. It features a 50/50 18-degree ground edge boasting a Rockwell Scale hardness of 58. This high-quality blade effortlessly cuts through fat, skin, cartilage, and small bones. The blade is crafted with a unique formula ensuring hardness, wear-resistance, and blade-retention to deliver dependable performance in your commercial kitchen. It's also designed to be stain-resistant to keep the piece looking new! Precise, durable, and long-lasting, this BPX knife is a smart addition to your operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Overall Length: 13 3/4"
Handle Length: 5 3/4"