Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Narrow Bottle w/ sports cap 12oz
Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Narrow Bottle w/ sports cap 12oz
Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Narrow Bottle w/ sports cap 12oz

Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Narrow Bottle w/ sports cap 12oz

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The Klean Kanteen Kid Insulated Classic Narrow is the perfect drinking bottle to take with you on a hike, when you're exercising or just for everyday use. It comes with a Sports Cap made from soft silicone. It is dishwasher safe, can be opened with one hand and comes with a practical loop, so you can attach the bottle to your bag. This Kid Narrow version is slightly slimmer than the standard Klean Kanteen Classic. As a result, it's even more comfortable to hold and it will fit in the side-pocket of your backpack. Even though it can still hold 355 mL! The bottle is insulated, so your beverages will remain hot for a long time. And you can even enjoy chilled drinks cold for up to 40 hours!

Stainless steel

The bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel. This means 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Stainless steel is sustainable, safe and doesn't leave any particles behind. As such you won't be bothered by after-tastes and the bottle is completely BPA free. This enables you to fill the bottle with a different beverage time and time again without being bothered by other flavours. The outside is finished with a Klean Coat™ powder coating. It is sustainable, impact resistant and environmentally friendly.

About the sports cap

The bottle comes with a sports cap. Usually when you drink from a sport cap, the bottle will form a vacuum. This isn't possible with a stainless steel drinking bottle because you cannot squeeze the bottle. For that reason the cap has been enhanced with a valve. This valve ensures that air can enter the bottle, so it is easy to drink from it. Even though the sport cap 3.0 is better in comparison to the previous cap, this cap isn't 100% guaranteed leak proof. This is because of the valve. If you want to make 100% sure that the cap is leakproof you could purchase the loop cap as an additional accessory. This cap is also available in 100% stainless steel and Bamboo Cap . A flatter edition to make sure the bottle takes up even less room.

Cleaning Klean Kanteen bottles

You can easily clean these thermos and drinking bottles by hand. The opening of the Klean Kanteen water bottles is large enough to have enough room for a dish brush. In addition, the insides are smooth and round. This means bacteria won’t be able to accumulate. The stainless steel bottles without coloured coating are dishwasher safe, as are most of the caps.

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