Deluxe Honing Steel 12"
Deluxe Honing Steel 12"

Deluxe Honing Steel 12"

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Keep your knives sharp and ready for any task with this Wusthof 4474/32 12" deluxe sharpening steel with loop. Use this sharpening steel to maintain the proper edge on all the knives in your commercial kitchen. Honing your knives re-aligns a blade's microscopic teeth, which cannot be detected by the naked eye. Regularly honing your knives extends the time between re-sharpenings and ensures knives are not only more efficient, but also safer, to use. For added convenience, a hanging loop allows for hanging storage in your kitchen.

Founded in 1814 in Solingen, Germany, Wusthof is an expert knifemaker, family-owned for 7 generations. Known affectionately as the "The City of Blades," Solingen has been home to master blacksmiths for over 2,000 years. With such an illustrious history, the name Solingen is protected by "The Solingen Decree," which ensures and indicates the exacting standards of knives made in the area. The company's red trident represents its three core values professional chefs can expect to encounter in every Wusthof blade: passion, diligence, and perfection.
  • Made from hard chromium-plated steel with a hardness of 65 degrees Rockwell
  • Honing re-aligns blade's microscopic teeth that are invisible to the naked eye
  • Regularly honing knives maximizes time between re-sharpenings
  • Featured loop allows for hanging storage

Overall Dimensions:
Blade Length: 12"

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