Electric Ceramic Sharpener
Electric Ceramic Sharpener
Electric Ceramic Sharpener
Electric Ceramic Sharpener

Electric Ceramic Sharpener

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All knives need regular sharpening and honing to maintain the right angle and sharp cutting edge. With the Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener you will not need special sharpening skills or experience. It is so user-friendly, giving swift and precise results each and every time. The electric knife sharpener was specifically designed for use with Kyocera Ceramic Cutlery, but will also work great on any other ceramic blade and also steel. The diamond grinding stone is a medium fine #600 grit that will remove nicks up to 0.5 mm deep, and achieve the desired 35 degree angle of ceramic knives. The convenient knife slot, safety cover, and assist roller makes sharpening accurate and clean. Make your ceramic knife sharpening a breeze with the Kyocera Electric Knife Sharpener.

Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener - Electric with Diamond Grinding Stone Features:

  • Created for at-home sharpening and refreshing of Kyocera ceramic knife blades
  • Also works for any other ceramic blade and steel blade knife
  • Battery powered electric knife sharpener
  • Takes 4 AA batteries - not included
  • Diamond grinding stone - #600 grit/grade medium fine
  • Ceramic knife sharpener can remove up to 0.5 mm deep nicks
  • Achieves 35 degree angle
  • Convenient knife guide slot to keep blade at fixed angle for sharpening
  • Safety cover to contain grinding dust
  • Electric knife sharpener for right-handed use only
  • Indicator lite signals electric sharpener is on and working
  • Assist roller for controlled pressure and prevent too much sharpening
  • User-friendly, no special sharpening skills or experience needed
  • Kyocera Electric Knife Sharpener with Diamond Grinding Stone