Essence White Wine Glass 11 Oz
Essence White Wine Glass 11 Oz

Essence White Wine Glass 11 Oz

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Essence white wine glass is designed by Alfredo Häberli from Iittala and together with the red wine glasses they are a central part of the Essence series and belong to Iittala's most popular products.

The white wine glasses have a long and narrow shaft with a thin, light and well-balanced foot. In common with the other glasses in the series, these are also made of lead-free glass and is dishwasher safe.

The most important of all with a good wine glass is, of course, the taste. What characterizes and is common to the glasses in the Essence series is that the cup has a wide bottom and an inward end that gradually narrows at the top. This makes the aromas to gathers and concentrates on the nose as you drink, which enhances the taste experience. What is specific to white wine glasses is that they have a 33 cl cup that is slightly smaller than the red wine glass. The smaller volume fits better for the light aroma and character of the white wine.

The basic purpose of the series is flexibility and white wine glasses are no exception. Fill them with a good smoothie or freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, as well as a delicious cheesecake or pannacotta for dinner - only the imagination sets the limits. With the perfect combination of elegance and modern design, Essence fits white wine glasses both for parties and for everyday use.

11 oz capacity