Ikon Blackwood Cook's Knife 8"
Ikon Blackwood Cook's Knife 8"
Ikon Blackwood Cook's Knife 8"

Ikon Blackwood Cook's Knife 8"

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The Wusthof IKON 8" Chef Knife is made from a special steel alloy for a low-maintenance, all-purpose blade that is strong, flexible, and extremely sharp. This chef's knife (also known as a cook's knife) is designed for maximum versatility—at just under 8 inches in length, the Wusthof 4996 is capable of tackling many common cooking and baking prep tasks: slicing up cuts of meat, dicing and chopping vegetables for soup, cutting and peeling fruits and melons, and mincing fresh herbs to top off your spice cabinet. The 4996/20's medium length falls within the range of what many consider to be the most versatile of all chef knife sizes.

Each in the Wustof IKON cutlery line starts out as a single piece of carbon steel which is forged into a full-tang knife with a balanced weight and ergonomic feel. The blade is tempered and sharpened many times before the tang is inset with a handle of pure, choice African blackwood. This exotic hardwood is, according to Wusthof, technically and aesthetically superior to ebony wood in every way, providing a comfortable feel in the hand that won't vary with humidity levels and temperature.

Overview of the 8" IKON Blackwood Series Wusthof Chef Knife:

  • Medium-sized chef's knife/cook's knife from the Wusthof IKON cutlery line
  • General-pupose kitchen knife: slices beef, chops onions, dices tomatoes, cleans shellfish, & minces herbs
  • Exceptionally versatile style and size
  • Well balanced and comfortable in the hand
  • 7.9" blade
  • 14° angle per side
  • Forged from a single piece of steel (X50CrMoV15)
  • Gorgeous handle made from dark African blackwood (AKA Grenadilla)
  • Blackwood colors range from purple to dark brown to black
  • Distinct wood grain makes every IKON blackwood knife a unique instrument
  • High-density, low-porous blackwood heartwood won't react to moisture and humidity
  • Handle is triple-riveted to tang
  • Made in Germany from German steel
  • Hand-wash only
  • Lifetime warranty through Wusthof

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