Stainless Steel/ Cork Kettle
Stainless Steel/ Cork Kettle

Stainless Steel/ Cork Kettle

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Trends come and go but a classic stands the test of time.

With multiple design awards under its whistle, the Uplift Tea Kettle is recognized as a classic in function and style.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary the iconic Uplift Tea Kettle debuts in natural cork, high grade stainless steel and durable zinc finishes.

The Uplift Tea Kettle Anniversary Edition features a new and innovative use of familiar material. No longer used just for keeping the fizz in champagne, cork is a natural, renewable and beautiful material found on the handles of the kettle and lid.

Known for its insulation properties, cork creates heat-resistant handles while also providing a soft, nonslip grip. Simply lift the Kettle by its handle and the stainless steel spout opens automatically. No awkward buttons or levers - just lift and pour.

2-quart capacity.