Kirameki Santoku Dimpled
Kirameki Santoku Dimpled

Kirameki Santoku Dimpled

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Steel Material

The V No.1(VG1)blades have 1% carbon and 14% chrome for an ideal stainless steel that is: 1)Hard, 2)Resilient, 3)Resists wear, and 4)Resists rust.
Although steel is difficult to machine, we have carried out repeated tests to improve each version we make. We have carefully honed these blades so that they take to the grinding stone well and meet a host of product demands.


These handles are a single piece with no joints or seems. They are optimized for better grip, less slippage and better hygiene properties.

Blade measures 6.8 inches

Total measurement 12.4 inches

Made in Japan

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