Loop Vegetable Brush
Loop Vegetable Brush

Loop Vegetable Brush

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Make cooking easier with this Casabella Scrub Brush. It is designed for use in cleaning off produce before eating or preparing. It has a loop on the handle so you can hang it up after use. This brush is made to clean vegetables gently and keep them intact during the process. It has abrasive bristles for taking away dirt quickly and easily. It can also remove other things, like excess silk from corn. This veggie scrub brush is ideal for your own personal use in a home kitchen.
Casabella Loop Veggie Scrub Brush:

  • Designed to clean produce before cooking
  • Cleaning scrub brush clears dirt from produce quickly
  • Polishes gently and leaves vegetables intact
  • Looped handle allows easy storage
  • Measures 5.50 x 2.00 x 5.50 Inches