Meat Weight BBQ
Meat Weight BBQ

Meat Weight BBQ

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No more curled steaks cooked on the outside but raw on the inside. The meat weight ensures that the steaks and burgers are cooked evenly and rapidly.

  • sturdy wooden handle with incorporated finger recess
  • typically shaped grooves for faster cooking
  • suitable for both grill and pan
  • weight: 1 kg
  • L 7.8", W 3.9", H 2.4
  • pakkawood / cast iron
  • teilweise spülmaschinengeeignet
Meat weight BBQ The cast-iron weight for meat allows steaks and burgers to be fried evenly and quickly on the grill or in the pan. The typically shaped grooves not only give the meat an appetising grilled appearance, but they also shorten the frying time. Thanks to the robust wooden handle and the integrated finger recess, the meat weight lies comfortably in your hand. Together with the SPARK hamburger press, it forms the ideal duo for perfectly shaped burger patties.

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