Perfect Peeler
Perfect Peeler
Perfect Peeler
Perfect Peeler

Perfect Peeler

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The Perfect Peeler by Kyocera
The ceramic blade of the Kyocera Perfect Peeler not only cuts through food easily and will stay sharp 10 times longer then conventional steel bladed peelers. The non porous advanced ceramic material will not interact with foods or rust, and is dishwasher safe. Not only does this peeler feature a ceramic blade it also sports a rotating head that allows you to peel horizontally, vertically, or at a 45 degree.

Kyocera Peeler Features:
  • Red and black colored Kyocera peeler
  • The Perfect Peeler blade is made from advanced ceramic
  • Blade head rotates for vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree peeling
  • Ceramic peeler blades stay sharp 10 times longer than steel blades
  • Optimum cutting angle glides effortlessly through foods
  • Dishwasher safe Kyocera Peeler
  • Kyocera Ceramic Peeler won’t rust or corrode
  • Won’t brown foods
  • Won’t transfer a metallic taste or smell 
  • The Perfect Peeler fits large, small, left and right hands comfortably
  • Kyocera Peeler Non-slip grip handle
  • Peeler Blades are replaceable through Kyocera

Kyocera Peeler Dimensions:7" x 2.2" x 2"

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