Poppy Pack Set-8
Poppy Pack Set-8

Poppy Pack Set-8

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Assorted case of all colors. Poopy Packs® in 8 rolls pack. Each roll contains 20 designer, degradable bags, and with 5 color schemes, they quickly liven up any store fixture.

Each 8 pack has 4 unique designs. Compared to most waste bags on the market this are cost comparable bag to bag, and offer more options for merchandising and customer choice!

Poopy Packs use EPI additive with polyblend. The EPI additive is designed to control and manage the lifespan of plastics and reduce their footprint in the environment. The unique mix of polyblend and additive allow the Poopy Packs to degrade at a controlled rate when the bags are exposed to photo (sunlight), thermal (heat) and/or mechanical stress in the presence of oxygen and causes the plastic to ultimately degrade in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen into environmentally benign products within a few months.

Assorted colors available