Remy Pan Plus
Remy Pan Plus
Remy Pan Plus
Remy Pan Plus

Remy Pan Plus

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Remy pan is the most popular domestically made cookware in Japan.
This multi-purpose pan has been supporting Japanese cuisine, Washoku(UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage) for over 20 years.

A frying pan and lid set. The aluminium is anodized to improve corrosion resistance and hardness, and the three-layer fluorine coating on the surface allows you to use it with metallic kitchen tools. The fluorine creates an uneven surface which prevents food from sticking onto the pan. The bottom is sprayed with iron, which enables it to be used on all heat sources including IH.
The deep 9.5 inches pan is a size suitable for all cooking methods such as stewing, stir-frying, steaming, grilling, deep-frying and rice cooking.
The self-standing lid has a steam vent on the knob.
All the kitchen tools that are exhibited simultaneously have stainless steel cores in the center, and stick onto the handle of the frying pan with a magnet, helping keep the kitchen clean while cooking, and making it convenient for storage (pending on international patent).

  • The standing lid and utensil holder on the lid save space in the kitchen.
  • A magnetic handle keeps utensils in place, so the counter stays clean and uncluttered. A steam outlet prevents spillover from the edges.
  • Food cooks fast and evenly with minimal effort because the cast aluminum pan offers high thermal conductivity.
  • The exceptionally smooth, PFOA-free coated surface requires only a tiny amount of oil to prevent sticking.
  • 9 1/2"diam, 3.5Qt
  • World-class quality for the kitchen, the remy pan series is designed and manufactured in Tsubame Sanjo, Japan.

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