Rosewood Grill Brush

Rosewood Grill Brush

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To keep your grill functioning like new, proper maintenance is key. Clean stuck-on food particles off of your grill racks and grates with Fox Run's BBQ Grill Brush to maintain a happy grill, and a happy griller. This long 17.5 inch brush features a sturdy wood handle, which provides an easy grip and won't melt or slip like plastic. Its long length allows you to reach even the furthest nooks and crannies of the grill safely.

This brush won't scratch your grill surface. Great for scrubbing cast iron, metal, and steel grills! Store the brush right where you need it by utilizing its handy hanger, either on the grill or in your home. Assure your backyard summer barbecue or cookout runs smoothly and is packed with great tasting food by taking the essential steps of caring for your grill.

Grill Brush, measures 17.5" long with rosewood handle.

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