Half Sheet Pan

Half Sheet Pan

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Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to bakeware this can be especially true. After all, who wants to clutter their kitchen with fifteen different pans for various food types and temperatures when there are pans that do it all? The Fat Daddios Quarter Sheet Pan is your new roasting, baking, do-anything pan!

This light-weight, heavy-gauge, natural aluminum pan is oven-safe and fits conveniently into a toaster oven, so it’s perfect for making a serving of fingerling potatoes in butter and herbs, or toasting up a breakfast sandwich in the morning.

It’s a common belief that the heavier your bakeware, the higher quality it is, but this aluminum sheet pan, and all other Fat Daddios bakeware, bucks that myth. Heavier metals will stay warm for a long time after being removed from the oven, so not only are you more likely to burn yourself, but the food continues to cook, meaning that perfectly done soufflé is now overdone. Want to store something in the freezer but afraid your regular pans will be damaged? Fat Daddios Quarter Sheet Pan is freezer-safe and has wires built into the rim so that it will not warp in the freezer or in the oven.

Heavy-gauge, natural aluminum has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, making it even more appealing to cooks everywhere. In short, this Quarter Sheet Pan is built to cook, not just bake, not just roast, but cook. Add this to your cart today and enjoy this amazing product and the way it simplifies your life!

Fat Daddios Quarter Sheet Pan Features:

  • Made from heavy gage natural aluminum
  • Wire within rim prevents warping
  • Fits in a toaster oven
  • Not microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Hand-wash only
  • Dimensions: 12 ¾” x 9 ½“
  • Aerosol sprays and Olive Oil not recommended non-stick options