How do I buy or exchange my SodaStream cylinder?

Click here to purchase a new cylinder or an exchange cylinder. We will inform you of the next available date and time to pick up your cylinder. If you are exchanging a cylinder, please make sure you bring your empty cylinder and make sure it is clean. We only accept Soda Stream Brand cylinders.

Can I return an empty cylinder and get my deposit back?

Yes and No. You may give us your empty cylinder and we will send it back to SodaStream. The cylinders do not include a deposit. When you purchase a machine, including a cylinder, or purchase a cylinder without an exchange, or receive a free cylinder, then you have a license to be able to carry pressurized gas. THE LICENSE FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE. We recommend that you gift the cylinder to a neighbor or friend if you don’t want to return it to SodaStream.

My cylinder is malfunctioning and/or not working properly. What can I do?

Please email or call us if your machine is not working correctly. We will instruct you if/when to bring in the cylinder and/or the machine to inspect in person. Depending on the situation, we will resolve your problem accordingly. You may also try to contact Soda Stream Directly at https://support.sodastream.com/hc/en-us


Shipping Internationally

Who Pays customs Duties, Fees or Taxes?

The buyer must pay customs duties, fees or taxes. This is called Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU).

A shipment that is DDU, the buyer pays any applicable customs duties, fees or taxes when the shipment arrives at the border - before the shipment can be delivered. 

Depending on the quantity or value of what you’re shipping, and where the shipment is going, there may be no costs at all. 


How are you protecting customers and employees from COVID-19?

We are taking several steps to ensure that we are minimizing the spread of any and all viruses. Employees are provided with PPE, including masks, gloves, work gloves, and hand sanitizer. Employees are required to wear the protective equipment as well as wash hands and common areas frequently. Customers, when allowed inside, are required to wear a facemask and not allowed to touch items unless they have gloves.

How can I get the 10% discount?

The 10% discount code is sent to your email after signing up to our news letter. If you did not receive the email, please check the junk folder for sales@tarzian-west.com 

The discount can not to be used on already priced down items.