Round Proofing Basket
Round Proofing Basket

Round Proofing Basket

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A favorite in European bakeries for generations, this proofing basket is called a Brotform in Germany and a banneton in France. Crafted of natural cane and shaped for round loaves, it allows the dough to rise evenly into a uniform shape, while the rattan coils draw out moisture to promote a crispy crust. Spiral indentations left by the coils bake into the bread, so loaves come out with a classic artisanal finish; line the basket with cheesecloth if you prefer a smoother finish.

  • European-style bowl for proofing round loaves.
  • Crafted of traditional natural cane.
  • Creates a rustic ribbed pattern in the crust; line with cheesecloth for a smoother finish.
  • Simply flour the brotform and add kneaded dough for the final rise.
  • Great with handmade and machine-made dough.
  • Measures 8" and 10"