IK Spatula
IK Spatula

IK Spatula

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Get the most out of every kitchen utensil with the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen collection! This Spatula serves triple duty as a spatula, bowl scraper, and spreader in one. The larger silicone spatula head is ideal for mixing ingredients and making batters. Removable, to make scraping bowls and pans effortless, you can easily maneuver it into tight corners and scrape every bit of batter or frosting from the bowl. The smaller spatula is perfect for icing cakes and cookies or scraping every bit of jam from the jar. A good spatula is essential for every kitchen; make yours this double-duty, dual-ended one by Mason Cash!

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Spatula Features:

  • Dual-ended spatula has large mixing and scraping head on one end and smaller spatula for spreading and scraping on the other
  • Beech wood handle with silicone spatula heads
  • Hand wash
  • Dimensions: 13.39” x 0.87” x 0.39”