Borner V- Slicer Mandoline
Borner V- Slicer Mandoline
Borner V- Slicer Mandoline
Borner V- Slicer Mandoline
Borner V- Slicer Mandoline

Borner V- Slicer Mandoline

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Quite possibly the ultimate kitchen tool, you will wonder how you ever got along with out it. The V Slicer Plus is made in Germany with superior plastics, and surgical grade steel, so you know it's a durable and high quality device. Thanks to better materials and improved manufacturing, it will outperform others for ability and longevity. The six piece set featured here comes complete with the original Borner V-Slicer with ergonomic handle, two locking blade inserts (7mm for julienne and chopping & 3.5mm for julienne and dicing), an insert for thick and thin slicing, a safety food holder, and a space saving storage container. It can slice, dice, chop, julienne or shred any kind of fruit or vegetable. With this easy to use tool, you are guaranteed professional results every time. Just set it up for the type of cut you want, and then slide your food back and forth along the guide plate. Your fruits and vegetables will be uniformly sliced and chopped with speed and precision each and every time. The unique blade configuration reduces the effort required to cut, and the top quality steel ensures a razor sharp edge that stays that way, even with repeated use. It's dishwasher safe when dirty, and storage is safe and simple thanks to the included box that holds everything together.

Why It's Good

  • Top Quality. Because it's German made and constructed with better materials, it will be easier to use and longer lasting when compared to others.
  • V-Shaped Blade. Incredibly sharp, but also positioned at the perfect angles. It reduces sticking and improves accuracy while making hard foods easier to slice. Quickly cut with little effort.
  • Storage Container. Hang it on the wall, mount it inside a cabinet door or place it upright on the kitchen counter. Made of durable plastic, this storage device keeps everything together and out of the way. It holds all of the attachments, and keeps the blades covered for increased safety. When stored, everything compacts to 15" long, and 6" wide.
  • Versatile. This one tool can take care of several jobs with speed and precision. Slice, dice, chop, shred, julienne and more. With a variety of attachments, switching tasks is simple.
  • Safe. Although it couldn't get much sharper, it's safe to use thanks to the included food holder, and safe to store thanks to the container that hides blades when not in use.
  • How To Use It:

    One of the best kitchen slicers available, and one of the easiest ways to get perfect results without any training or skill. Easily look like a professional chef while you save yourself tons of time an effort. Although anyone can use it without practice, following the steps below will ensure optimal performance.
    1. To use this tool, start by sliding one of the inserts into the notches on the plastic frame. It will lock into place with a click. The one with no blades acts as an adjustment for thickness, and either one with blades will allow you to cut vertically and horizontally at the same time for shredding, julienne and dicing.
    2. With one of the julienne inserts installed, the metal blades will face up and out. They cut food vertically, and the v-shaped, mandolin blade slices it down to size. Select either size blade to julienne, chop and dice at your preferred thickness. You can adjust height by switching notches, and width by choosing a different blade.
    3. To julienne or shred, slide back and forth. To dice or cube, make a 90 degree rotation with each pass so that you are rocking back and forth.
    4. With neither julienne insert installed, you can cut normal slices.
    5. To adjust the slicing thickness, just add the insert, and flip to either side. One side will provide a standard thickness, and the other will give you thin pieces. Remove completely to get the thickest slices.
    6. To begin cutting, put your fruit or vegetable on the safety holder using the metal prongs, then slide the food back across the surface, and past the blade.
    7. Apply even pressure, and you will get perfectly uniform pieces, all the way down to the last bit. The blade is so sharp, that even hard fruits and veggies will be cut like a hot knife through butter.
    8. Dishwasher safe when dirty.
    9. To store, add slicer to storage box, and slip blade inserts into position. It can be mounted to a surface, or it can stand freely.
Dimensions 15" x 6"
Model V-1001
Pieces Included Storage Caddy, V-Slicer Mandoline, 2 Blade Inserts, 1 Thickness insert & Safety Food Holder
Color White
Uses slice/dice/chop/julienne
Material Sturdy ABS Plastic
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Sizes 3.5mm and 7mm 
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Stain Resistant Yes
Adjustable Yes - 2 Different Thicknesses