Calabash Small Salad Bowl
Calabash Small Salad Bowl
Calabash Small Salad Bowl
Calabash Small Salad Bowl

Calabash Small Salad Bowl

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This is a small acacia wood bowl that can be used many ways. We call it a small salad bowl but it can be used for anything food safe. Soup bowl, rice bowl, bowls for eating, Chinese food, leave it to your imagination. Acaciaware™ small serving bowls are all hand crafted out of one solid piece of acacia wood. They won't crack like other bowls which are pieces of wood glued together.

Measures 6" x 3"

Acacia wood is one of the most sustainable of the various woods on the market. It is a very hard wood with a tight grain. The beautiful wood grain and color vary with each individual bowl. If you order a set of four, each bowl will look different in a medley of wood grain and color. The surface is smooth, the weight light but the wood hard.

When it comes to acacia wood, there are many reasons why it is such a popular choice for products. The wood is hard and dense, which makes it durable and unlikely to scratch easily. It is also completely hygienic, meaning that it will not allow water to penetrate, will not pick up odors, and will not stain. This makes acacia wood trays perfect for serving food or using as cutting boards. Additionally, the wood has a beautiful grain that makes it a decorative addition to any room.

Acaciaware™ Care Instructions

Acaciaware™ acacia wooden serving bowls are easy to clean. Simply wash in warm soapy water and wipe or air dry. Acacia wood salad bowls are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Durable, Versatile, & Attractive

Acacia wood is naturally harder than most other woods found on the market.This means it can be sanded to a smoother finish, which makes it great for creating smooth surfaces like dining tables, cutting boards or beautiful acacia wood salad bowls and Acaciaware™ serving trays.