Cherry & Olive Chomper
Cherry & Olive Chomper
Cherry & Olive Chomper

Cherry & Olive Chomper

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The Cherry Chomper from Talisman Designs is the safe, easy, mess-free way to remove the pits from cherries for pie-baking or immediate consumption. The process is simple: toss whole cherries into the Cherry Chomper's mouth (with or without stems), press down at the top, and a plunger forces the unwanted pits cleanly into a collection tube. Cherries are left mostly intact with a tiny "X" impression on one side and a clean hole on the other. Dishwasher safe. Stands 6" tall.

Not a fan of cherries? The 1286 Cherry Chomper works just the same for pitting whole olives.

The 1286 Talisman Cherry Chomper at a Glance:

  • Novelty cherry pitter/olive pitter from the Talisman Designs housewares co.
  • Simple plunger operation
  • Adorable design is safe and fun for children
  • Works with any type of whole cherry or olive
  • "Tooth" barrier prevents harm to fingers
  • A must-have for cherry lovers
  • Great for baking or eating
  • Sanitary collection bowl eliminates mess
  • 6" tall
  • Dishwasher safe