Classic Soda Maker
Classic Soda Maker
Classic Soda Maker
Classic Soda Maker
Classic Soda Maker

Classic Soda Maker

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Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of drinks made with the iSi  Classic SodaMaker plastic / stainless steel mesh soda siphon!

Featuring a plastic bottle with stainless steel mesh construction, this soda siphon uses the power of a CO2 charger (sold separately) to add the perfect amount of refreshing fizz to your water! Your customers will appreciate your "from scratch" seltzer, and you'll save money on expensive store-bought options! This soda siphon is great for making and storing carbonated water, and with a dripless spout serving is effortless!
  • Quickly converts cold water to refreshing seltzer
  • Reusable, environmentally-friendly alternative to cans or bottles
  • Adds a homemade authenticity to your bar or restaurant
  • Perfect for creating Italian sodas and sparkling mixed drinks
  • Elegant stainless steel mesh and plastic bottle construction

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Smartly Designed Bottle

The intricate 'vintage' mesh design is great for front of the house displays or presentations. This siphon has a 1 liter capacity, which is perfect for making multiple drinks before running out. When you do need more, it's very easy to refill. It's also reusable and an environmentally-friendly alternative to cans or bottles!

Easy to Use

As soon as all of the contents and pressure have been dispensed, the lid easily twists off and you can refill it with cold water. The colder it is, the better the carbonation. Insert the riser tube, secure the lid, and insert the soda charger. Once you hear the gas dispense you can shake the bottle, remove the charger, and serve!

Capacity 34 oz.
Color Silver
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Plastic

Stainless Steel