Porcelain Coffee Filter #4
Porcelain Coffee Filter #4

Porcelain Coffee Filter #4

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  • This porcelain coffee filter makes hand-brewed coffee a pleasure, not only for the nostalgic. Just pour some water over the ground coffee so that it blooms and the flavours are extracted. Then, fill the filter up to the edge and wait until the coffee has run through completely. Repeat this procedure until the cup or pot is full and then...

    • prolonged outlet
    • for size 4 commercial paper filters
    • ideal for brewing in thermos flasks
    • porcelain
    • dishwasher safe
    The pure aroma! Freshly brewed, aromatic coffee. Coffee drinkers know there’s nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. An ideal aid for perfect tasting coffee is the SANDRO size 4 coffee filter which will always sit firmly on your coffee pot thanks to the prolonged outlet. Practical and well thought out, it brings the preparation of the ground roast beans to perfection.