Decorating Comb
Decorating Comb
Decorating Comb

Decorating Comb

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  • Must-have tool for any baker
  • 3 serrated edges for unique decorations
  • Flat edge for smoothing icing
  • Hanging hole for convenient storage
  • Ideal for creating designs and patterns on pastries, cakes, and more
  • Perfect for bakeries or caterers
This comb / icing smoother features varying edges, which are perfect for creating interesting, precise designs on the sides or top of cakes and pastries. The patterns will add dimension and interest to your cake and will surely impress guests or customers. This unique tool is a must-have for any creative baker!

Multiple Designs

Three edges are serrated with a slightly different design, making it the perfect tool for creating straight or zigzag lines and other creative patterns as decorating accents. There is also one flat edge which makes it ideal for smoothing icing in preparation for decorating.

Easy to Store

A hanging hole allows you to easily store the comb in a convenient location. The thin design will keep it out of the way, making it perfect for hanging in an easily accessible spot!