Freezer Pod 2 Cups
Freezer Pod 2 Cups
Freezer Pod 2 Cups

Freezer Pod 2 Cups

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Frozen meals with purpose! Perfect portions of homemade, previously frozen meals are easily accessible with the Prepworks 2-Cup Silicone Freezer Portion Pod by Progressive. Always keep yourself fully satisfied at lunch time, dinner time, or any other time you need. Not quite an ice cube tray, the portion pod has a similar setup for providing just the space for sauces, stocks, or simple leftovers. Once you pour all that food into the pod evenly, enclose it with the silicone lid, easily capable of expanding to accommodate the changes happening during the freezing process. Even freezer burns are reduced to such lengths. Inside, the BPA-free portion pod helps fill 2 2-cup servings altogether. With Progressive, you get your portion of good food to enjoy around the house, around the office, or wherever is convenient. So, start freezing now and get to eating later!

Progressive Prepworks 2-Cup Silicone Freezer Portion Pod Features:

  • Freeze perfect portions of sauces, leftovers, and more
  • 2 2-cup servings per tray
  • Silicone & ABS material
  • Silicone lid – expands when freezing and reduces freezer burn
  • BPA-free
  • White w/ blue lid
  • Dishwasher safe