Oxo Green Saver Refills
Oxo Green Saver Refills
Oxo Green Saver Refills

Oxo Green Saver Refills

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Ensure that your OXO 11145300 GreenSaver Produce Keeper (sold separately) is operating at peak performance with this 4-pack of OXO GreenSaver carbon filter refills for Produce Keeper. Used to trap and absorb excess ethylene gas emitted by fresh fruits and vegetables, these filters delay spoilage within your produce keeper to minimize rapid decay. Each carbon filter works for 90 days, guaranteeing a year of freshness from a single pack when paired with OXO produce savers.

These non-toxic, plastic-bound filter bags are easy to use and replace. Simply remove the lid from your OXO GreenSaver and lift the small cover in the center. Discard of the spent filter, and insert a fresh one in its place. Return the cover and reseal the container with the lid to extend your fresh produce shelf life and minimize waste in your establishment!

  • Use with OXO GreenSaver Produce Keepers to extend fresh produce shelf life
  • Traps ethylene gas from ripening produce to minimize spoilage
  • Each filter lasts 90 days
  • Easy to replace and discard
  • Contains (4) carbon filters per pack