Redecker Small Lint Brush
Redecker Small Lint Brush

Redecker Small Lint Brush

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Keep your clothes looking like new with the Redecker Natural Lint Brush with Oiled Beechwood. Best for cleaning, treating and restoring a wide range of fabrics, this brush removes lint, fuzz, hair and dust from your favorite sweaters, towels, shirts, pants, cashmere, wool or knit items.

The hand-mounted natural rubber takes on a static charge through rubbing and picks up small fibers and particles while cleaning gently yet thoroughly. Features a beautiful oiled beechwood handle that ages gracefully and fits comfortably in hand.

Durable enough for daily use and a sustainable alternative to a disposable sticky roller, lint deposited on surface can be easily removed by hand or under running water.

Brush measures 5-1/4″ long by 2-3/4″ wide. For maintenance, rinse with water and towel blot to remove excess moisture. Air dry with bristles facing down to prevent damage to wooden handle.

Made in Germany.