Oxo Measuring Cups
Oxo Measuring Cups
Oxo Measuring Cups
Oxo Measuring Cups

Oxo Measuring Cups

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This durable OXO 1/4 - 1 Cup 6-piece black measuring cup set makes accurate measurements a breeze. Constructed of black plastic, they are color-coded with measurements clearly marked on the side of the cup. Thanks to this feature you can quickly identify which cup you need at a glance whether it's sitting across the counter or nested with the rest of the set! Each cup is marked at the half-way measurement for convenience when doubling recipes or quickly changing between ingredients. The handles snap together making it easy to store the set between uses.

This set includes a leveler that can be used to scrape off excess ingredients to increase the accuracy of your measurements. Soft, non-slip handles provide comfort and a secure grip, even when your hands are wet or oily. The end of the leveler has a hook so you can hang the measuring cups out of the way. Complete your kitchen with this measuring spoon set today and keep your recipes consistent!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 5 1/2" to 6 3/8"
Width: 2 5/8" to 3 3/4"

Set Includes:
- (1) 1/4 cup
- (1) 1/3 cup
- (1) 1/2 cup
- (1) 2/3 cup
- (1) 1 cup
-(1) hook with leveler

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