Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set
Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set
Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set
Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set
Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set
Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set

Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set

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Do you fancy a delicious raclette? With the Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set your wishes will come true very easily. This practical set includes everything you need to enjoy this rich delicacy anywhere . You just have to choose the right cheese and the ingredients you prefer to accompany it and enjoy your raclette in the purest Swiss style!

The mini raclette set will also allow you to heat and prepare any other dish easily and without the need for plugs , with the only help of light and the heat of its candles . In addition to melting cheese, you can prepare an omelette or scrambled eggs, or cook grilled vegetables, sausages or blinis. A great way to take your kitchen with you!

This beautiful mini raclette set takes up very little space and is ideal for any occasion . Both to enjoy it at home and to take it in the picnic basket, in the backpack or in the suitcase. The set includes :

  • Base and 3 candles . The base is the support to place the candles. Its metallic side wings are foldable and have die-cut motifs of the emblematic Swiss cross , which stand out in the candlelight.
  • Mini non-stick raclette pan with folding handle . The ideal surface for melting cheese, grilling zucchini slices or heating up sausages.
  • Non-stick spatula . Perfect so you can scrape cheese or any other ingredient without damaging the pan.

As you can see, you no longer have an excuse to savor a delicious raclette whenever and wherever you want . In addition to being practical, manageable and very functional, it is a most beautiful set, perfect for giving as a gift and for giving it to yourself!


  • Mini raclette set that includes:
    • 3 candles
    • Base with folding wings with Swiss cross die
    • Nonstick Mini Frying Pan with Foldable Handle
    • non-stick spatula
  • Operation with the heat of the candle flame.
  • Portable and very practical set.
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Measurements: 7.7" long x 3.5 " wide x 2" high.
  • Weight: 0.98 lbs
  • Two years warranty.
  • Maintenance and cleaning tips:
    • Hand wash with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
    • Do not use with metallic utensils or that can scratch it
    • To clean the base of the candles, do it with a cloth dampened in lukewarm water or directly with lukewarm water, carefully to avoid getting the candles wet.

Why we like the Kuhn Rikon Mini Raclette Set

  1. It is as beautiful as it is practical.
  2. You can prepare a delicious raclette wherever and whenever you want.
  3. It is perfect as a gift, and to give it to yourself!
  4. You don't need to plug it in to enjoy a good plate of exquisite melted cheese, with the accompaniments you want!
  5. It is ideal not only for cheese, but for heating and cooking.
  6. Perfect to carry in the picnic basket, in the backpack or in the bag!

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