Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot
Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot
Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot

Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot

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Hario does it again with their Cold Brew coffee maker.

To the delight of the cold brew crowd, Hario steps in with this coffee brewer offering a delightfully simple solution for the at-home aficionado.

Enjoying chilled coffee is a cinch with this all-in-one device, which includes everything but the beans themselves.

Simply load the fine mesh basket with ground coffee, add an appropriate dose of cool water, and store in the refrigerator for several hours.

The filter is easily removed for cleaning and the vessel itself can be used for both storage and service.

This coffee brewer was made to do what others, like the French press, were manipulated for: using cold water to brew sweet, syrupy coffee.

The simplicity is what makes this coffee brewer better than the next. All you have to do is place about 80g/2.8oz of your favorite coffee grinds and then top it off with water. Stir it for a bit until all the grounds have been soaked. Place it in your refrigerator overnight (~8hours) and enjoy the full bodied, rich taste of cold brewed coffee. There's nothing like it.

  • 1000 ml /34 Ounce cold brew glass coffee maker
  • Made in Japan with Hario's famously tough glass and some plastic components
  • Ultra premium Hario glass
  • Permanent filter design means no need for extra filters
  • Great rich tasting cold brewed coffee overnight
  • Easy to use

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