Perforated Masher

Perforated Masher

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GIR Mashers have oblong profiles that make it easy to maneuver around bowls, plus ergonomic grips that offer the best mashing leverage. With clog-free designs and handles long enough to avoid hot steam and messy knuckles, mashing has never been faster or more efficient!

The GIR Perforated Masher has sharp cutouts in its plate to cut through large potatoes or puree fruit for baby food with ease. It can also crush difficult foods like small, slippery beans. Ideal for silky mashed potatoes or fruit purees. Lightweight, ergonomic handles feature a non-slip grip and pressure-absorbing cushions. Sharp cutouts in the stainless steel plate make for easy and efficient mashing. • Made from 100% platinum-cured, pharmaceutical grade silicone and hardened 304 stainless steel; BPA & BPS free • FDA and LFGB approved • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe; stain, odor, and microbe resistant

GIR Perforated Masher Dimensions: 🌎 9.8" L x 4.7" W x 2.9" H

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