Plisse Citrus Squeezer
Plisse Citrus Squeezer
Plisse Citrus Squeezer

Plisse Citrus Squeezer

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The Plissé electric juicer is a small domestic architecture, its evocative shape and style make you want to leave it out on the work surface. Practical and easy to clean, the Juicer is perfect to make a refreshing juice.


  • Plisse Collection
  • The button on the cover operates the opening mechanism, the grooved design of the button reflects the citrus juicer's basic form
  • The cover prevents dust or other contamination from depositing in the juicing area when the appliance is not in use, this makes the citrus juicer not just a small object of interior design, but also ensures it is always ready for use
  • The housing and power cable are the same color
  • The cable is integrated: after use, it can be wound up under the base of citrus juicer
  • Equipped with an automatic start/stop function: simply place the fruit half on the juicer cone and activate the juicer with gentle pressure, the mechanism switches itself off as soon as the pressure stops
  • The pourer is non-drip, it can be open, to pour the juice or closed, to stop it
  • The base is non-slip, ensuring stability during use
  • Electrical power: 80W
  • The thermoplastic resin used to create the container is food-safe, the material is odor-neutral, tasteless and completely free from bisphenol- A (BPA-free), it is 100% recyclable
  • Available in packaging made from recycled cardboard which features a reproduction of the original sketch by the author
  • When not in use, the "Plissé" citrus juicer, with its faceted surfaces and three-dimensional appearance, looks like an interior design object that can be readily left out on the work surface thanks to its decorative shape and style
  • Available in Black, Red, Grey or White color
Designed by Michele De Lucchi.
Product Details
Materials Made from thermoplastic resin, with the sieve insert being made from stainless steel.
Specifications Overall Dimensions: 7.25 in Dia x 11 in H