Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster
Plisse Toaster

Plisse Toaster

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The Plissé toaster elegant design together with its pleated surface exhorts you to display it on the kitchen counter. The numerous functions the toaster is equipped with make it easy and safe to use and its six browning levels suit every taste.


  • Plisse Collection
  • The two stainless steel tongs have grips made from thermoplastic resin which match the color of the toaster shell; they allow slices of bread to be easily inserted into and removed from the toaster
  • The 6 browning levels can be easily adjusted with the relevant button
  • The reheat function allows the bread to be returned to the required temperature within 30 seconds
  • The defrost function allows the bread to be thawed before toasting begins
  • The "bagel" function allows just one side of the bread to be toasted
  • The stop function automatically ejects the tongs with the bread
  • The cable is integrated: after use, it can be wound up under the base of the toaster
  • The base is non-slip, ensuring safe use
  • Easy to clean, recommend cleaning the tongs under running water and with non-abrasive soap, the crumb tray can be easily pulled out like a drawer
  • Electrical power: 850W
  • Available in packaging made from recycled cardboard which features a reproduction of the original sketch by the author
  • The housing and power cable are the same color
  • The tongs are sold separately
  • An object with an elegant design: the colors chosen by the author and the pleated surface offer ample reason why it is a real eye-catcher on any kitchen work surface
  • Available in Red, Grey or White color
Designed by Michele De Lucchi.
Product Details
Materials The outer shell is made from thermoplastic resin while the internal parts are made from stainless steel.
Specifications Dimensions:
  • Toaster: 13.5 in W x 7.5 in D x 7.5 in H
  • Toaster Racks: 12.5 in W x 1.5 in D x 7.5 in H