Sanshu Santoku Knife
Sanshu Santoku Knife
Sanshu Santoku Knife

Sanshu Santoku Knife

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The Sanshu Santoku Knife is distinguished by hand-hammered blades and walnut- PakkaWood handles that evoke the artistry of traditional hand-forged knives.

Hand-crafted in Japan, the blades are thin and lightweight. This santoku knife is indispensable for chopping and slicing fresh vegetables and small cuts of meat, combining the benefits of a chef’s knife and cleaver in one.

  • Blade features a core of extremely hard VG-MAX "super steel" clad on each side with 34 microthin layers of stainless steel.
  • The striking hand-hammered finish (tsuchime in Japanese) reduces drag when cutting and helps to quickly release food from the blade.
  • Walnut-finish PakkaWood handles have a two-position design, providing a trigger grip for pull cuts and the perfect balance point for a pinch grip.
  • Stainless-steel end caps embossed with the Shun logo add stability, strength and wide weight distribution from end to end.

Made i Seki, Japan

Total length 12.5"

Blade measures 7.25"