Spice Rack In Drawer
Spice Rack In Drawer

Spice Rack In Drawer

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Organizing your life can ease stress levels, make life run smoother, and tasks are done easier. With this RSVP In-Drawer Spice Rack Set you can get another aspect of your life in order, and have your spices at your fingertips ready to cook. The stainless steel spice racks for drawers keeps your expensive spices out of the sunlight for longer shelf-life and freshness while making a modern, attractive statement. The RSVP In-Drawer Spice Rack Set includes the bottles and a package of clear labels to make the package complete, and simplification and organization of your valuable spices will be a task well done.

RSVP International In-Drawer Spice Rack Set Features:

  • Chromed wire rack construction
  • Securely holds and organizes twelve spice bottles
  • Stainless steel spice rack for drawers storage
  • In-drawer spice rack set dimensions - 17" L. x 6.5" W. x 3.25" H.
  • Keeps spices out of sunlight and fresher longer
  • Stainless steel spice rack includes - 12 clear glass spice bottles with plastic shaker inserts
  • Spice bottle dimensions - 4" H. x 1.5" D.
  • Set of clear plastic spice labels also included with in-drawer spice rack set
  • Spice bottle lids of stainless steel construction
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Spice bottle capacity - 3 fluid ounces per bottle
  • RSVP International Stainless Steel Spice Racks for Drawers Storage - Chromed