Blomus Callista Lemon Squeezer
Blomus Callista Lemon Squeezer

Blomus Callista Lemon Squeezer

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For a demonstration of how well practicality and good looks can go hand in hand, take a look at this ingeniously simple lemon squeezer! Made of cool, elegant stainless steel, the new Callista is a pleasure to touch. The two shell-shaped bowls make it easy to squeeze out lemons almost completely and serve them free from seeds and without dripping - summarizing: an innovative, human engineering concept. Thanks to the simple, minimalistic form, cleaning the squeezer is just as easy as using it. The bold design makes the practical kitchen aid a stylish designer product. A natural complement to contemporary table culture, Callista has what it takes to become the new icon among the lemon squeezers.

Stainless steel polished

3.94" W x 1.97" H x 6.93" L