The Gripper Bamboo

The Gripper Bamboo

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Product Description

The Gripper cutting board, is made of laminated strips of bamboo, is strong and durable, won't absorb moisture, and won't harm knives.

The glue used in the lamination process is food-safe. Soft rubber pads, securely anchored beneath each corner without glue, grip the 11-by-14-inch board to the counter to prevent slipping during use.

After use, simply wash The Gripper by hand.

Measurements 14"x 11"

Although the Gripper bamboo cutting board has the superior characteristics of hardwood products, bamboo is classified within the grass family. This makes it a fast growing, naturally renewable material with the same level of durability as the hard woods. Environmentally sound, food-grade laminates ensure food safety.

Architec is hopping on the green bandwagon by implementing elements in both its manufacturing process and end products. One of their new lines consists of products made from bamboo. A quick-growing grass, bamboo is renewable and tree-saving, with many of the same attributes as wood.


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