The Wand Wine Puritier
The Wand Wine Puritier
The Wand Wine Puritier

The Wand Wine Puritier

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This one-use wine purifier lets you enjoy wine without some of the unpleasant side effects. It removes histamines and sulfites, which are found in most wines and can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and a headache. Swirl The Wand™ Wine Purifier in your glass of wine, wait a few minutes, and you're good to start sipping. It won't affect your wine’s flavor and it's portable, easy to use, and disposable. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Purifies all wine varietals in as little as 3 minutes without changing the natural taste, aromas, or color of your wine
  • Safe, effective, and does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine
  • Restores open, oxidized wine to its natural state using the patented Phoenix Purification technology
  • Never lose track of your glass again with twist-off wine charms
  • Patented NanoPore filtration is proven safe and effective in independent tests
  • FDA compliant and BPA-free
  • Please note: Disposable, one time use filters work best with 6-8 ounce glasses of wine. Filters are not recommended for repeated use as they will have lost filtering efficacy with additional uses
Made in the USA